Welcome to the Year 6 class page! 

Welcome to the Year 6 class page. This year the Year 6 class will be taught by Mrs King and Mrs West with Mrs Addison and Mrs Herlihy supporting the learning throughout the week. 

 What are we studying this term? 

Our Summer Term title is: Changes! 
History and Geography 
This half term we will studying Brazil! We will be identifying similarities and differences of the human and physical geography of Brazil and the United Kingdom. 
Art and Design Technology 
Our focus this term is a 'hat project'. We will be researching the skills of milliners and looking at the design and purpose of hats available in the past and present. We will sketch, paint and create our own hats using a range of materials 
Our topic the term is animals including humans. We will be investigating the human circulatory system and naming the main parts. We will research the affects of diet, exercise, drugs and life style on the human body. Our investigation skills will continue to be developed by recording results accurately, asking questions and identifying variables within our investigations. 
This half of term we will be using the internet to safely research. The pupils will also be using a range of websites to assist their SAT revision. We will continue to have weekly Spellodrome ICT sessions. 
PE this term will consist of athletics (Wednesday pm) and cricket (Monday pm). Therefore both indoor and outdoor kit will be required this term. 
Our focus for the summer term links to our work on Brazil. We will be looking at if religion can help to build a fair world and stop poverty. After that unit will be studying Christians in other places of the world particularly in Vellore. 

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This term is the final term at Eynesbury for our Year Six pupils - lets make it great! 
Remember the 5R's to help you keep on track and maybe even achieve a Top Ten award? 
Summer Term Update: 
Year 6 leavers church service: Wednesday 19th July, 9.30am at St Mary's Church 
Key Stage 2 Disco Thursday 20th July 6pm -7pm 
Year 6 BBQ Thursday 20th July 7pm-8pm 
Year 6 Leavers Assembly, Friday 21st July, 9.30am in the school hall.  
Below are tracks from the upcoming Year 6 leaver's performance. Please encourage your child to listen to them and practise ready for the show. 
Please note that indoor PE will now be on a Wednesday and outdoor PE on a Monday! 

A quick reminder that PE kit should consist of the following:  Indoor PE kit: White t-shirt and blue shorts. Outdoor PE kit: White t shirt, navy/black jogging bottoms and jumper, suitable trainers 

Below is a copy of our Spring Term Newsletter. 
Reading and Spelling 
A polite reminder that we request you to read with your child at least once per week and sign their 'Reading Record'. 
Your child will receive weekly spellings these will usually be handed out on a Friday and tested the following Wednesday although this may change at times. 
Regular short periods of practise of spellings will ensure the spelling rules and patterns are embedded. A variety of methods including Spellodrome will assist with this Spelling learning. Please be aware if your child is playing on Spellodrome live it may not be their current spelling list. 
During the first half of Spring term pupil was given a laminated book mark. This should help to assist you with questions you may ask your child when reading. They will help check their understanding of the text. 
Please click below to access Spellodrome: 
This term our indoor PE is gymnastics - our first week we tried out lots of different balances... 
Some of our balances - well done girls!
Great collaborative balance girls! 
The boys worked hard together to create this supportive balance. 
We can see you Mrs Herlihy... 
Using their cheer leading poses to support their learning! 
What a tricky balance-very impressive! 
We have been researching Mary Anning a famous fossil hunter! 
Exploring the Minecraft room at St Neots Football Club. 
The challenge was a circular balance - well done boys. 
The girls were investigation to find out which utensil was best adapted for which food source. 
Enjoying using the Minecraft room at St Neots Football Club. 
Another great take on a circular balance. 
This adaptation experiment was linked to our learning about Charles Darwin and his famous voyages on HMS Belfast. 
Great shared reading girls! 
Look at our new sofa - a great place to come and read!
Year Six took up the challenge of supporting Year Two with their reading skills- I was very impressed with their responsible and mature attitude. 
During our Science unit:Evolution and inheritance we used clay and shells to make fossil imprints which we later filled with Plaster of Paris to make our very own fossils. We even managed to give it a go with a crabs claw! 

School Childcare and Clubs 


Why not explore our School Calendar Page for more dates? 
Week commencing 17th July 2017 
Wednesday 19th July - Year 6 leavers' service in the church, parents are welcome! 
Thursday 20th July - PTA School Discos 
5-6 - Nursery, Reception & KS1 
6-7 - KS2 
£1 entry donation 
Friday 21st July - Leavers' assembly 9.30am 
SATs 2017 
Week beginning 8th May 2017 
Monday: Reading Paper 
Tuesday: SPaG paper and spelling test. 
Wednesday: Maths Paper 1 :Arithmetic and Paper 2: Reasoning 
Thursday: Maths Paper 3 Reasoning 
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