Assessment at Eynesbury 

We now use age related expectations to assess children from Year 1-Year 6. The terminology used for assessment are Below, Emerging, Developing, Secure and Mastery. Children assessed at working at Secure and Mastery have met all END OF YEAR age related expectations. 
Greater depth 
Working below 
Age-related expectation 
Working towards 
Age-related expectation 
(Working with support at age related expectation) 
Working within 
Age-related expectation 
(Working independently at age related expectation and achieving some aspects but not yet secure in all areas) 
Met all age related expectations within the expected standard 
Working at a greater depth within the expected standard 
Please see the documents below - The Parents' Guide to Assessment and the Assessment Calendar for more information. 

School Childcare and Clubs 


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It is Bikeability this week. Children from Years 5, 4 and 3 will be learning road safety skills and how to control their bike on the road. 
Details of admission arrangements, selection criteria, appeals procedure and application process. All school admissions are managed by the County's admission team. 
OFSTED is the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills. School inspection reports and other information about schools and childcare providers can be found on the OFSTED website. 
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