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Welcome to the Nursery Class Page! 

In the Nursery we all work together to provide a caring, safe and stimulating environment for the children to enjoy. Our approach encompasses holistic learning encouraging our children to become active learners, exploring the world through a range of indoor and outdoor experiences. The children can choose to build a den, cook up a storm in the mud kitchen, climb a 'castle' or become a character dreamt up from their imagination.  


We are lucky to have access to a wonderful woodland area on our doorstep. Influenced by 'forest school' thinking , we support children to go on adventure, take risks and develop an appreciation of the natural world through sensory exploration.  


We continue to develop our outdoor space through the 'Help me Grow' project. We currently have a working party who give their time to undertake mini projects in the early years garden. If this is something you would like to contribute to please contact Lesley Pruden on 01480 398028, or email  


The Nursery Team 

Mrs Cummings is the Class Teacher on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Ms Pruden is the Class Teacher on Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays. We are supported by Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Hoy, Mrs Ansell, Mrs Teale & Mrs Payne.



All children in Nursery have their learning experiences recorded on 'Tapestry,' an online learning journal. When staff complete an observation on a child, it is then uploaded to their journal, often with photos or videos for parents and children to enjoy. Parents receive a notification on their phone or by email and they can then comment on their child's achievement. We also encourage parents to add photos and descriptions of exciting events that have happened at home which help us to work together to create an amazing diary of the child's time in Nursery.

If you would like to find out more about Tapestry please visit the webpage at


Your child will need......

At Eynesbury Nursery the children wear a uniform. Information about this can be found in our prospectus via the link at the bottom of this page.

We ask you to supply a spare set of non uniform clothes and these are kept in a provided bag on your child’s peg. We recommend that these are comfortable items that the children don’t need at home.

In the winter we play outside as much as we can so we ask you to ensure your child wears a vest if needed, and has a warm coat, hat and gloves. Please remember to bring a pair of named wellies too.

In the summer your child will need a sunhat and to arrive at nursery with sun cream applied in advance.

If your child is staying for lunch they need a packed lunch box and a drink bottle, both should be easy to open and to keep clean.

We suggest the children have a book bag to bring home books, letters and artwork.  These are available from

Climbing, adventuring and exploring the outdoors
Enjoying dressing up


Please remember to bring a pair of named wellies as we love to play outside in every weather. Just pop them in one of the plastic boxes inside the entrance.


Look at all the lovely things we get to do at Nursery! We paint, we sing, we climb, we explore and all the time we are playing we are learning! 



We have available spaces in the Nursery for September 2020! 

Children can join us the term following their 3rd birthday, so if you would like to arrange a visit to look around and meet the staff, please call 01480398029 or email: