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Dahl Class

Welcome to Dahl Class (Year 3) at Eynesbury Church of England Primary School!

We are all excited to welcome your child/children to Dahl Class this year!  Here is the Dahl Class team- 


Mrs Naomi Shepherd (Monday-Wednesday)

Mrs Caroline Truman (Thursday-Friday)


Support staff

The class will be supported by Mrs Sue Vincent, Mrs Steph Howell,  Mr Regan Gaston and Mrs Denise Wright across the week.

We are always happy to talk to you at the school gate at the end of the day, or alternatively you could contact us on our class email account -


PE and Uniform reminders

PE sessions for Dahl class will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays with  Primary Sports Stars. Children should come to school on those days wearing their PE kit and will remain in it for the whole day. PE kit (which must be clearly labelled) should be a white t-shirt and navy or black shorts, with navy or black jogging bottoms and sweatshirt for outdoors as well as suitable trainers. As with school uniform, we are eager to encourage high standards so please help your children by providing the correct kit.


If your child has pierced ears, please remove earrings at home (preferably) or cover with a plaster before PE. If they do wear earrings to school, they should only be studs.  Equally nail varnish should not be worn in school and hair which is shoulder length or longer should be tied back.


Water bottles

It is very important to keep hydrated during the school day and especially during PE lessons.  We therefore would like you to provide your child with a labelled water bottle.   



Children will be given a spelling list each Friday.  This may take a couple of weeks to establish as we will be assessing the children's current needs. In addition to regularly practising their spellings, they should write each spelling in a sentence  to show they have understood the word in context. Children should return their green books by Wednesday and will be tested on Thursdays. 


Children should be reading on a daily basis at home.  Please ensure their planner is signed by an adult every time you hear them read. As the Eynesbury Echo reminds us weekly, there are great benefits to be had from regular reading! The children have got a plastic pocket in which to keep their planner and green book and it is good practice for them to bring both into school each day.


TT Rockstars is a fun website which the children across the school use to practise and improve their times table knowledge.  They all have their own individualised login and so should have easy access to the website's facilities. Many children are having lots of fun with this and seeing their knowledge and speed increase. We will be checking at intervals to see who has logged on and who has beaten their previous scores.


If you have any issues/ concerns about any aspect of the homework please do contact us.



At Eynesbury Church of England Primary School we 'Love to learn, learn to love!'