Eynesbury Church of England Primary School

Eynesbury Church of England Primary School

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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team (April 2020) 

Mrs Alana Brown - Headteacher 

Mrs Caroline Truman - Deputy Headteacher/ Assessment lead/Lower Key Stage Two Leader  

Mrs Mandy King - Assistant Headteacher / Upper Key Stage Two Leader 

Mrs Joanna Eagle - Lower School Leader 

Mrs Katie Crozier - Lead Practitioner (Mathematics) 

Mrs Sally Hammond - Special Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENCo) - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning 


Teaching Staff (April 2020) 

Mrs Alison Cummings – Nursery (M, T, W am) 

Ms Lesley Pruden – Nursery (W pm, Th and F) 

Mrs Joanna Eagle – Reception  

Mrs Vicki Allen - Reception - Support Teacher and Year 1 (Th, F) 

Mrs Hannah Ginnetta – Year 1 (M, T, W) 

Mrs Damelza Theodoridis – Year 2 (M, T, W) 

Mrs Katie Freeman- Year 2 (Th, F) 

Mrs Joanna Nicholson-Wood - Year 3 (M, T) 

Mrs Ruth Gabe - Year 3 (W, Th, F)

Mrs Amy Jones- Year 4 (M, T, W) 

Mrs Naomi Shepherd - Year 4 (Th, F) 

Mrs Anna Haupt- Year 5 (M, T, W) 

Mrs Nicola Capper - Year 5 (Th, F) 

Mrs Mandy King - Year 6 (M, T, Th, F) 

Mrs Naomi Shepherd - Year 6 (W) 


Non-Teaching Staff (alphabetical order) 

Mrs Charlene Ansell 

Mrs Hannah Addison  

Mrs Nicola Bradbury 

Mrs Tracey Collingwood 

Mr Regan Gaston 

Mrs Michelle Gilbert 

Mrs Caroline Hoy 

Mrs Lynne Hawkins  

Mrs Steph Howell 

Mrs Sofia King 

Mrs Jackie McCrum 

Mrs Joan Mitchell 

Mrs Sarah Owen 

Mrs Elizabeth Payne 

Ms Beccy Pressley 

Mrs Sally Teale 

Mrs Margaret Underwood 

Mrs Sue Vincent 

Mrs Alison Wainwright 

Mrs Denise Wright  


Mrs Michelle Chaplin - Admin officer 

Mrs Christine Taylor - Finance officer 

Mrs Vicki Allen - Attendance Officer (pupil attendance) 

Mr Timothy Geraghty - Sites and Buildings Manager

Mr Dean Boucher - Cleaner 

Mrs Jill Geraghty - Cleaner 


Mrs Charleen Ansell - Midday Supervisor 

Mrs Eileen Baird - Midday Supervisor (relief) 

Mrs Greta Clark - Midday Supervisor 

Mrs Tracey Eeles - Midday Supervisor (P/T) 

Mrs Nicole O'Connor-Prow - Midday Supervisor(relief) 

Mrs Steph Howell - Midday Supervisor

Mrs Lesley Payne - Midday Supervisor 

Mrs Dawn Smart - Midday Supervisor 



Other Responsibilities 

Designated Safeguard Lead - Mrs Alana Brown

Deputy Designated Safeguard Leads - Mrs Caroline Truman, Mrs Mandy King and Mrs Katie Freeman

Designated Looked After Children Lead- Mrs Alana Brown 

Lead for PREVENT - Mrs Alana Brown 

INSET Lead- Mrs Caroline Truman 

Performance Management Team Leaders - Senior Leadership Team 

Unqualified Teacher Mentors - Mrs Caroline Truman and Mrs Jo Eagle 

Health & Safety Lead - Mrs Alana Brown 

Educational Visits Lead- Mrs Chris Taylor 

Teacher Governor - Mrs Mandy King 

Staff Members holding full First Aiders certificate (* includes paediatric certification) 

Alana Brown/ Michelle Gilbert*/ Lynne Hawkins* / Liz Payne /Alison Wainwright*/ Vicki Allen*/ Denise Wright* 

All staff receive emergency first aid training every two years – the school holds a list of currently trained staff on the school’s Single Central Record. 


Subject Leaders 

English - Mrs Mandy King/ Mrs Nicola Capper 

Mathematics - Mrs Katie Crozier  

Science - Mrs Hannah Ginnetta 

History/Geography - Mrs Caroline Truman 

PE (including Sports Premium Funding) -Mrs Anna Haupt and Mrs Amy Jones 

Computing - Mrs Jo Nicholson-Wood 

Art and Design - Mrs Damelza Theodoridis 

Music - Mrs Katie Crozier 

DT - Mrs Kerri Conway 

PSHE - Mrs Sally Hammond

RE - Mrs Ruth Gabe 

MFL -Mrs Ruth Gabe 

Collective Worship Lead - Mrs Naomi Shepherd