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Uniform Information

School Uniform 

We feel that it is important that children not only take a pride in the appearance of their school, classroom, schoolwork etc, but also in their appearance. We therefore encourage the wearing of the school uniform. Please be advised that plain jumpers/cardigans and sweatshirts can be worn. Click on the link below for branded items.


Second hand school uniform

There will be times during the school when second hand uniform can be purchased through the PTA. 



All footwear should be low heeled. Plain black trainers are allowed. If trainers are worn in class, another pair must be provided to change into for outdoor PE lessons. Fashion and leisure shoes (eg platform soles, clogs, flip flops) are not considered appropriate for school wear. 


Our school uniform comprises as follows:- 

Grey/navy trousers/ grey or navy skirt/ pinafore dress 

Blue or white shirt/ polo shirt* 

Navy jumper or sweatshirt * 

Navy or grey socks 

Summer Wear - Grey or navy shorts or trousers/Summer Wear - Blue/ white checked dress or skirt , Navy or white polo shirt * 


Physical Education – Special Clothing  

Blue shorts 

Plain white T-shirt * 

Plimsolls or trainers 

Tracksuit for cold weather

House tee-shirt - red/blue/white/green 

* For safety reasons, the T-shirt needs to be of an appropriate size to tuck into shorts or a skirt. It should be short sleeved, not sleeveless. 

Children will take part in lessons on the school field during the year. This can become quite muddy during the winter, so it is essential that children have spare trainers and a bag to put them in. 


Every pupil from Year 2 to Year 5 will need a swimming costume and towel for swimming lessons, these are held in either the Spring or Summer term. 



Should any item of clothing or personal property be mislaid, please check in the cloakroom 

areas and the lost property boxes (located in the cloakrooms) before contacting a member of staff. 


Sun Protection 

Children are encouraged to wear sun hats or caps for protection in summer. Please do not provide your child with a hat or cap that advertises alcohol or tobacco products. Sun cream can be worn, but unfortunately staff are not permitted to administer it. Sun caps, bearing the school logo, can be purchased from the PTA. 


Jewellery/ Hair 

Children are not allowed to wear items of jewellery. They may wear stud earrings if they have had their ears pierced, but these must be removed for PE. Staff do not take responsibility for the removal of earrings. Children who have just had their ears pierced will not be able to take part in P.E until their earrings can be removed. 

To avoid any unnecessary disruption to your child’s education, we recommend the beginning of the summer holidays as a good time to consider any ear-piercing. 

Children may wear wristwatches, but the school accepts no responsibility for their safety. Children are asked to remove watches for P.E sessions. 

Long hair should be tied back away from the face. This is very important for health and safety reasons because of the wide variety of practical activities taking place in a primary school.