Eynesbury Church of England Primary School

Eynesbury Church of England Primary School

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Enrichment activities to do at home

Listen to French Music or a French podcast

Download some French songs to listen to while at home or on the road. Listening to French music will help familiarise your child with French accents and pronunciation.

Watch a French Film

Host a French film night.  Keep the subtitles on so your child can read and listen out for familiar words and pick up on the accent.

Set up a French cafe or restaurant

Buy some delicious pastries and beverages and take it in turns to order and serve food..  

Cook a French meal

Familiarise your child with French cuisine by having your child  help you prepare a traditional French meal. How about French dishes, such as quiche or crème brûlée?

Au marché

Take a visit to the market or supermarket and play a game of I spy. What French foods can your child recognise and name? Can they read the labels for bonus points?

Visit an art gallery

France has produced some of the most talented artists, such as Monet and Renoir. What can you discover with your child?